Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog News: New Facebook presence + 1 million views!

I just wanted to let visitors of this blog know that I rebooted the PEPLUM Facebook presence by switching the old 'personal'  account (which I won't close) into a Fan page/Business account instead. The old FB account became unmanageable and too time consuming, certainly after someone spammed my account with over 60+ new "Friends" in a week and messed up the whole thing. The new FB PEPLUM page is basically the same as this blog (sans text) but it's much simpler to manage; there are no Friends to add, delete, block or Friends to spam it. I can't make Friends with it and vice versa. I'm keeping the old account in order to visit and 'like' the real old friends' stuff but I won't accept new friends at the old account anymore.

Make sure to visit it, like it and if you have a FB account join in the conversations there:

PEPLUM TV on Facebook

One Million page views!

Yesterday early morning the blog crossed the 1 million pageviews threshold which is amazing! Again thanks eveyone for visiting this blog and also PEPLUM X.