Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photo of the Day

Robert Blood (Sean Flynn) is held by two shipmates while Abby (Alessandra Panaro) tries to protect him from more flogging in SON OF CAPTAIN BLOOD

Sean's life ended tragically but before his untimely death he made 3 films of the PEPLUM genre. This is his first. It was originally released by Paramount Pictures which means it'll never get a decent DVD like in Europe. Alessandra Panaro, a very familiar face in the PEPLUM genre, is the love interest. Not bad but the film was badly received by critics who tried to compare him with his dad, Errol. Everyone remembers Errol's classic productions but few remember the even more low-budgeted stuff Errol ended up doing during the last years of his life. This film is a definite improvement over his dad's last films.

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