Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photo of the Day

The royal representatives of Ethiopia, the King (Woody Strode) and his sister, Princess Tharbis (Esther Brown), in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS

"Great King, I will ask but one favor of your friendship. This green stone from our mountains... that I may give it to your prince of Egypt, for he is kind as well as wise." says the Princess to the King.

Today is a mini TEN COMMANDMENTS festival!

Esther was a student at UCLA when she did this film and didn't appear in many films afterwards but Woody Strode would have a solid career after this 1956 film, including playing a slave in SPARTACUS. I like this scene and always wished their roles were expanded but black folks in super-productions were rare 60 years ago in Hollywood. Strode didn't have any dialogue but he didn't need to. A PEPLUM with an entire black cast would be cool.

Then and Now : Debra Paget

Debra in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS; an official photo of Debra from TBN where she appears regularly

Debra is the last remaining major star from THE TEN COMMANDMENTS who's still alive.

Exodus vs The Ten Commandments

Ridley Scott's version of the story of Moses will be released later on this year but for now let's just do a side by side comparison with the two main characters. Which one do you think is better suited for their respective roles?


RAMSES (or Rhamses)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Photo of the Day

Goliath (Arnaldo Fabrizio) teases a Roman soldier (Aldo Pini) in SEVEN SLAVES AGAINST ROME

Little people in PEPLUM films are always good and are always used for comedic purposes. They're sorta like court-jesters of the genre. The majority of PEPLUM films didn't have them (thank god!), Director Michele Lupo, director of this film, had a quasi-obsession with them and the way he used them was always a bit much. Arnaldo's scenes often stop the film in its tracks or take me out of the story.


Continuing with the series of best PEPLUM villains here's GOLIATH AGAINST THE GIANTS. Though it doesn't contain as many villains as THE MIGHTY URSUS or HERCULES UNCHAINED, what this film lacks in numbers make up with its main bad fellow: Bokan played with over-the-top verve by Fernando Rey. He chews so much scenery that no sets were left after this production. Some might think he's overacting...well...he does but then the film wouldn't be as memorable as it would be if Fernando wasn't in it.

Equally evil is his lover (I think) Daina played by Barbara Carroll. Like so many villainess in PEPLUM films Daina's primary role is to give cruel ideas to Koban on how to deal with Goliath or anyone rebelling against the evil ruler. And lastly there are also the Giants from the title. They appear very briefly at the climax. They're sorta goofy looking and not very gigantic but they're one of many fun elements to be viewed in this colourful PEPLUM.

Fernando Rey plays Bokan, the evil ruler dead set against Goliath's return to the city

Barbara Carroll is Daina, Bokan's favourite woman (it's never clear what she is to him). She's evil but all the evil really belongs to Bokan

A quiet moment with Bokan

 Goliath (Brad Harris) had the chance to kill Bokan during the gladiatorial games

Bokan shows no mercy to anyone including the victorious gladiator who is killed by a guard on the order of his leader

The giants finally make an appearance at the end, very briefly. They are underused, to say the least

The end of Bokan...unfortunately, Goliath didn't kill the evil ruler himself

Monday, July 21, 2014

Photo of the Day

Onnos (Germano Longo) and Semiramis (Yvonne Furneaux) eavesdrop on some scheming folks in SLAVE QUEEN OF BABYLON

Though the two are or once were lovers they are not the central players in the doomed love story.   Semiramis is interested in Kir (played by John Ericson, not shown) which makes Onnos jealous. Personally speaking, even though I like Ericson as Kir, Longo and Furneaux had more chemistry and I wished they were the real love story. This film was shot in CinemaScope and this screen grab shows the excellent quality of the film/composition.

Movie Poster Mondays

Original Italian poster for BLOOD AND DEFIANCE

As far as I know I've never seen this film available anywhere in English or Italian. BLOOD AND DEFIANCE is the English title but I don't know if it was released here or played on TV. The film is directed by Nick Nostro, who also directed the last two Ten Gladiators films which I love so I'm sure the action in this film is tops. And with a cast like Gerard Landry, Rosalba Neri and José Greci well it's surely a must see for PEPLUM fans. But alas it's nowhere to be found.

Identifying the Ten Gladiators - Dan Vadis - Pietro Torrisi

I re-uploaded this short introductory clip identifying the Ten Gladiators actors from my old channel to the current PEPLUM TV channel.

The first on the internet to visually identify the actors. This video is listed at 'PEPLUM Blog's many FIRSTS' permanent page, showing why this blog is the definitive source on the internet for all things PEPLUM.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Photo of the Day

The Argonauts from HERCULES (1958)

The actors are: Fulvio Carrara as Pollux, Willy Colombini as Castor, Fabrizio Mioni as Jason, Aldo Pini as Tifi, Steve Reeves as Hercules, Gabriele Antonini as Ulysses, Andrea Fantasia as Laertes and  Gino Mattera as Orpheus.

Great photo! They just don't make films like this anymore.

Back on Monday!

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I've decided to discontinue the PEPLUM Tumblr. Few people went there. I guess there are few PEPLUM fans on Tumblr or they don't know how it works. It's no big loss. PEPLUM X is still going strong.


Speaking of Youtube, the annoying folks behind this popular site has decided that ALL videos can be rated, with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Because the PEPLUM genre is such an easy target for the MS3KT crowd out there many have started thumbing down all my videos at PEPLUM TV. Before I could disable this option but Youtube removed the option. I can choose not to display the results but I'm still not happy about this. There are too many haters and trolls out there and the rate-this-video option has always been bad for all my channels. So if you watch one of my videos please press thumbs up even if it doesn't show.

PEPLUM GIF animation

Steve Reeves, as Morgan, getting punished for being unruly in MORGAN THE PIRATE. Valérie Lagrange tells them to stop. Reeves' body double/stuntman Giovanni Cianfriglia is the one holding Steve by the neck. It seems the scene is sped up but it's not. I just edited down to make sure the file is not too large.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photo of the Day

The ending to MESSALINA (1960)

Not an 'up-with-people' film, the downbeat ending to this film is sorta expected but the morbidness of it, for a film made in 1960, is unexpected. The tone to MESSALINA shifts gears quite often throughout the story: one moments it's kinky; the next moment it's comedic; then it's super serious and finally it's sorta gruesome. Quite an oddity for an Italian PEPLUM film which makes it stand out, for better or worse.


Preston Foster and David Holt watch some rushes in a movieola while filming LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. Great photo.

Same statue, different films

Same statue, different films: appeared in ESTHER AND THE KING (1960; with Sergio Fantoni); reappeared a couple of years later in HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN (1964; with Jany Clair).

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photo of the Day

Goliath (Gordon Scott) reassures Princess Cori (Ombretta Coli) that he's on her side in GOLIATH & THE REBEL SLAVE (aka The Tyrant of Lydia Against the Son of Hercules...phew)

Even though the setting takes place in Antiquity, Ombretta's hairstyle is a dead giveaway of when this was actually filmed. Fun film, almost identical in tone and look to another Gordon Scott film, HERO OF BABYLON, which I prefer over this one.