Friday, October 17, 2014

By the Gods!

Pietro Torrisi and Sabrina Siani in THRONE OF FIRE

Thank god for PEPLUM films of the 1980s, which gave good actions roles to Pietro who always played secondary roles in films from the 1960s. He was still in great shape even after appearing 20 years prior in PEPLUM films of the golden era. Most of the films are terrible but they're fun to watch regardless, mainly for a couple of reasons: the level of cheesecake and beefcake was high!

I'm taking some time off next week. I should be back on October 27th. I hope you like the new format of the blog. I know I do. 


William Castle helps Rhonda Fleming with a scene for SERPENT OF THE NILE. Love this photo. Castle was slim here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Video of the week : DESERT WARRIOR - Dance

Dance sequence from DESERT WARRIOR starring Ricardo Montalban and Carmen Sevilla as the non-dancers.

The widescreen version is missing the singing which doesn't make sense since Ricardo talks about Carmen singing that song. I included the song from the US copy which is in black and white. This is exclusive to the blog and another internet first, not available anywhere else!


Undressing for action!

Compilation of clips from various PEPLUM films with the hero undressing for action.

When he takes it off he means business!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

By the Gods!

Silvana Mangano as Circe in ULYSSES (1954)

Silvana plays a dual role in ULYSSES. She's Penelope and Circe, which, IMO, eclipses Kirk's input in this film. Kirk is good but miscast. He was too scrawny. Bekim Fehmiu was better as Ulysses in the TV mini-series. But Silvana was magic in this. 

Interview with Sylvia Lopez

A great and rare glimpse of Sylvia Lopez giving an interview at the height of her career. The interview is in French and it's great to hear her original voice. In the interview she says that her mother was Russian and her father was German...she was fluent in 5 languages and when she made films with American actors like Steve Reeves she said her lines in English to make it easier for the actors. It's a shame she died so young, at the age of 27. She died the same year she made this interview.

I created the first (and I believe still the only) tribute on Sylvia in 2010. See below.

Monday, October 13, 2014

By the Gods!

Richard Harrison is confronted by big George Martin in the arena while his partner José Marco lies helpless in THE INVINCIBLE GLADIATOR

Fun, fast paced PEPLUM film. Definitely one of the better Richard Harrison Euro films. The only real bad aspect are the costumes. Not the best. Director Alberto De Martino, who is still alive, has claimed he co-directed many PEPLUM films without due credit. Hmm...

Movie Poster Mondays

Japanese poster for THE SEVEN REVENGES

I like this even if it's very simple. There's something off about Ed Fury's head though. Rarely seen fun film!