Friday, February 27, 2015

By the Gods!

The ten gladiators in action from SPARTACUS & THE TEN GLADIATORS

Dan Vadis is resting on Pietro Torrisi's shoulders. By the gods! Pietro is strong, considering how big Dan is. I won't identify the entire cast here but Romain from TETU magazine (see below) asked me what was the film with the most beefcake and I told him the Ten Gladiator series. My answer wasn't published in the final article (maybe the series is too obscure for today's generation). 

Blog Notes - New PEPLUM show in France

In one of those strange coincidences that only exists on the internet, a new TV show in France called PEPLUM just started last week and since then people have been following this blog's Twitter account thinking that it's the official one for the series. The obvious problem is that I post everything in English, not French. You'd think they would notice that.

You can view the official website for this new TV show : LINK

PEPLUM TV blog in magazine

My blog and I were featured in a French magazine called TETU. I was asked several questions about the PEPLUM genre, answered them and the author of the article, Romain, took some of my answers and weaved them into the article. Pretty fun article. My name is mentioned (John Sept Davidson). The one problem with it is they printed the incorrect URL for the blog. Oh well. The point of the article was basically the beefcake appeal of the genre and how the films of the past compared with today's films. Romain was supposed to send me a copy of the magazine but he forgot so I found it on the internet. Here are some screenshots.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Video of the Week : The Invincible Gladiator - Gladiators!

Video of the Week : I uploaded the first major gladiator scene from THE INVINCIBLE GLADIATOR starring Richard Harrison, Leo Anchóriz and others

Excellent gladiatorial action in this film.


With Alan Steel and Mimmo Palmara. The two Italian stars fought with each other in just a couple of films. Here's one of them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

By the Gods!

Sabina (Gianna Maria Canale) and Spartacus (Massimo Girotti) vie for each other in SPARTACO : SINS OF ROME (1953)

Love this film! This entire scene is great. Massimo made a great Spartacus. Gianna is wonderfully malicious in this. Directed by Riccardo Freda. The producers of the Stanley Kubrick version bought the distribution rights and negatives of this film in order to sink it into obscurity in preparation for their more famous version of the story. 


Richard Burton getting primped for ALEXANDER THE GREAT

Monday, February 23, 2015

By the Gods!

Louis Jourdan and Sylvia Syms in AMAZONS OF ROME

While I was away, Louis Jourdan died. He was 93 years old. He did just a couple of PEPLUM inspired films. AMAZONS OF ROME is one of them. He played a barbarian. He was miscast in that film but even so the film is entertaining nonetheless. RIP!