Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Same posts, different websites

I posted this article back on April 17, 2919.

Who wore it best?

Usually it's a showdown between two celebs but this time it's four (there's actually another one but they altered the necklace too much to be included):

1 - Sophia Loren in ATTILA (1954)
2 - Irène Tunc - APHRODITE - GODDESS OF LOVE (1958)
3 - Anouk Aimée in SODOM & GOMORRAH (1962)
4 - Linda Cristal in THE PHARAOHS' WOMAN (1960)

So who wore that necklace the best?

Anyway, someone took this post and uploaded to their website and instagram. I came upon this totally by accident.

They gave credit to this website at their website but they didn't link it directly to the post, which makes the credit pointless. I won't link this to their website. 

While they didn't give any credit on their Instagram post which got over 11,000 likes (and most likely more views). Here's a screenshot of their instagram post.

So many steal stuff from my blog. Not cool.


Anonymous said...

What is the significance when you post some images with peplumtv.com on them? Are they part of your personal collection and you have copyright ownership or are the primary source of the image. You don't seem to give source credits/links whenever you post images of posters, lobby cards, vhs covers, vintage articles or magazine covers. The same with the images in your magazine. Are all of the above in the public domain and a free-for-all to use?

Anonymous said...

Maybe consider putting up a statement up front to clarify your position, like you have with your other (unrelated to peplum) blog:

"All original information and photos on this blog (excluding occasional outside sources) are copyrighted to ..."
" If you want to share any of the info/photos from ..." "... you can by simply linking the original posts to your site but you can't reproduce or copy the original material from this blog to another blog without permission."

Anonymous said...

They are all gorgeous, but my vote is for Anouk. I wonder if wearing Sophia's version of the necklace might have been a better choice.

PEPLUM TV said...

lol at the first Anonymous.

The point is the work. Stealing content doesn't mean images only (and you know that). Finding the necklace by actually noticing it by watching the movies, idea, concept, format, etc, not the rights of the mages. They probably didn't even see one of the movies.

Anonymous 2: I wouldn't bother since I came upon this post quite by accident. People take stuff and post it everywhere. I see it all the time at IMDb.

Anonymous 3: They changed the necklace through the years...so going back might be difficult.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous 1:

I agree with you that people stealing your work/ideas and passing them as their own is not cool.
My question is specifically about images and what your policy is regarding whether you label them or not with peplumtv.com.
It is a genuine question for my understanding about the public domain and is not intended to be aggressive or challenging in any way.

All of us here know that PeplumTV is number 1 on peplum films.

Thank you for all that you do.