Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo of the Day

Briggs (Richard Egan), Gilly (Skelton Knaggs) and Maynard (Keith Andes) are up to something in BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE

Richard Egan made this before (slowly) hitting it big 2 years later with DEMETRIUS & THE GLADIATORS and later on in THE 300 SPARTANS. It's always fun to watch an actor in films before they hit the big times. I like Richard. He never became a superstar or a household name and many find him stiff but I thought he was often underused and he was *perfect* as a gladiator in DEMETRIUS.


In MACISTE VS THE MOLE MEN Gianni Garko is a wearing what looks like a modern day vinyl  fencing suit. It even snap off easily like velcro. This detail stands out like a sore thumb.


There's a new PEPLUM blog on them inter webs. PEPLUM X. It's the sexy side of the PEPLUM genre in ALL its facets. The blog is basically images with writing at a minimum. I've accumulated tons of of images from the web and will never upload them here at the main blog so I'll upload them there. It'll also contain adult content from time to time, content which I can't post here so the blog is restricted but it's all in good (or bad) cheeky fun. If adult content is not your thing, don't go there.

The great thing about this blog is that you can view it in different styles. There's a menu bar on top and you can view it in classic style (link) or just images, under Flipcard (link) or Mosaic (link) or Snapshot (link), just to name a few viewing options.

This is a screenshot of the site under "mosaic". Under this viewing option (or Flipcard) you choose which image you want to see and skip the rest. Like a buffet. Arf. Once the site will have weeks of posts the "mosaic" view will be awesome. It'll be like seeing the PEPLUM genre in a glance.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Photo of the Day

Ljuba (Maria Grazia Spina) tries to save Hercules (Mark Forest) in HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS

Now where did they get that contraption? A special Hercules size creation? 

Great action film!

Premiere events

Extras dressed as Roman soldiers for QUO VADIS

Ed Fury appearing as a gladiator for the premiere of FABIOLA (he's not in the film)

Big crowd at the premiere of CLEOPATRA

PEPLUM Babe of the Month: Raffaella Carrà

To close the month of March, here's Raffaella Carrà for PEPLUM Babe of the Month.

Even though Raffaella made just a handful of PEPLUM films fans of the genre easily recognize her for her beauty and vulnerable qualities. Never a leading actress in the genre, more in supporting roles, she nonetheless left an impact on the genre. IMO, her best role is ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES, the doomed maiden trapped in King Lagos' crazed world. Her brief scenes are memorable (above).

In Italy and other European countries Raffaella is a media personality, famous for TV roles, singing and tv appearances.


Uploaded to the BABES & BEAUTIES page



Raffaella was Princess Saliurà in the (in)famous PEPLUM auctioner



Raffaella in the grip of crazed King Lagos (Gianni Santuccio); her most memorable role


Raffaella with Ivica Pajer

Rik Battaglia was her co-star in CAESAR THE CONQUEROR


Jacques Perin co-starred with Raffaella

Raffaella, pin-up girl

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo of the Day

Kirk Morris and Rosalba Neri in DESERT RAIDERS

This is the only Kirk Morris film I don't have in my collection. Production wise, it looks like the same as MACISTE IN THE VALLEY OF THUNDERING ECHO.

Lobby Cards set: URSUS

Lobby cards set for URSUS. Not bad but not amazing. If I'd see this set in the lobby of a movie theatre it would attrack my attention, certainly cards #1, 2, 3 and 8 but they missed many memorable scenes such as when Ursus breaks the chains and there are no photos of Moira Orfei. Like I said, good but not great.

Lou Ferrigno, the ultimate Hercules?


"I heard that Reg Park claims to be the most massive Hercules ever. Well, he's entitled to his opinion. I hate to say this, but if anyone can look bigger and more cut than I do on the screen, he'll probably be over seven feet and wigh 325 pounds."

"When I worked out at the American Health Club in Rome, the gym was packed every day. I'm going to create a whole new cycle, like Steve Reeves did, only bigger because I really affect people."

"They got the right guy for the part, and I'm glad because it's being done at the right time. It's going to give me a whole different image, and it will dispel the myth completely."

Ferrigno, in fact, says it seems like only yesterday "when he was little" - a statement which certainly stretches credibility - and watching Hercules at home, that he dreamt of being like Steve Reeves. Today, Ferrigno feels that he is better in muscle development than his mentor, but he comments, that, "for his time," Reeves was unbelievable.

Do you agree? You can read more of what Lou thinks of himself at the link.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo of the Day

Ulysses (Georges Marchal) tries to outwit King Lagos (Gianni Santuccio) in ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES.

Tuesday, I posted a great acting/dialogue scene from THE BACCHANTES and this scene from ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES is as equally great. King Lagos, wonderfully played by Santuccio, is unforgettably crazy. The colors are great. Georges Marchal is at his finest here, acting-wise and look-wise. Marchal is Ulysses. And Raffaella Carrà, in yellow, is memorable as the tormented "maiden." One of my all time favorite PEPLUM films, even if many don't seem to like it.




Speaking of skimpy outfits, here's RONAL THE BARBARIAN, a spoof of 1980s Sword & Sorcery film with lots of emphasis on jokey male nudity, which is a turn off to most Fan Boys in North America. I don't know what to think about it. I get it but it's not subtle and maybe 20 years too late. I'm sure a lot of young people don't get the jokes.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo of the Day

Maria Romano and Bruno Minniti in THOR THE CONQUEROR

I have this film but I haven't seen it yet. I enjoy watching trashy 1980s Sword & Sorcery films. I sorta miss them today. I'm thinking of doing an 80s PEPLUM TV broadcast this upcoming weekend. There are a couple of veteran PEPLUM stars in this, such as Giovanni Cianfriglia.

British Posters of PEPLUM films not released in North America

When Italian/Euro PEPLUM epics were dubbed in English, it wasn't only for the US market as these British posters attest. Most of these posters are for films which weren't released theatrically in North America. The titles are also different. MACISTE THE MIGHTY (SON OF SAMSON) and THE SLAVE WOMAN (QUEEN OF BABYLON) are the only two films from this bunch to have made it at the movies. Because of this these posters are rarities and should fetch a lot of money but the PEPLUM genre is alas not highly regarded.

(this is the International poster)

Skimpiest PEPLUM costumes

As suggested by Alanlovecraft at the PEPLUM forum, what is the skimpiest PEPLUM costumes? The 1980s dominate of course, with barely there costumes on both the female and male stars. It's no contest. But the Golden era of the genre were also overflowing with skimpy costumes, mostly on the male side which don't compare to the 1980s counterparts but were quite surprising nonetheless. This is not a post on "upskirt" shots which were endless in the old PEPLUM films but not so in the 1980s films.

Rebecca Ferratti in GOR

Sabrina Siani in THRONE OF FIRE

Gordon Scott had the shortest hemlines of any PEPLUM star, with Mark Forest a close second.

Miles O'Keeffe in ATOR 2; probably the skimpiest piece of clothing of any male PEPLUM star

But the skimpiest costumes ever are probably on these fellows in THE LOVES OF HERCULES. Those costumes were re-used in THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo of the Day

Jimena (Sophia Loren) and El Cid (Charlton Heston) in EL CID

This was Sophia's first big blockbuster. This wasn't Charlton's first big blockbuster.

Franco Columbu in Rome

Great photo!

THE BACCHANTES - Fan Dub Preview

Preview of THE BACCHANTES starring Alberto Lupo and Pierre Brice. Taina Elg is Dirce, future wife of Pentheus. This is a great scene. This is from a Fan Dub I've made. It's not available in English anywhere else but PEPLUM TV.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo of the Day

Paul Wynter is Bangor in MACISTE VS THE MOLE MEN (aka Mole Men vs Son of Hercules)

Paul was Mr Universe for two years (1960 and 1966) and was really impressive in both films. Like Serge Nubret, Paul should have starred in more PEPLUM epics and should have had at least one lead role. It would have rocked but his two film appearances were better than nothing.

Movie Poster Mondays

Italian poster for THE SLAVE OF ROME

This is just one of many in a very nice series of posters for a cool PEPLUM film.

THE MERCENARIES - Dance sequence - Debra Paget

Debra's two dance numbers from THE MERCENARIES. A widescreen presentation would showcase her dances better but it's better than nothing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

New! PEPLUM Forum!

I've just added a forum to the blog. If you want to start talking about a movie, an actor or anything about the genre or even have questions well that's the right place to go instead of asking questions at  different posts which are off topic to the subject of the question.

When I started the blog I created a forum but no one joined it so I close it so here's another forum. I see a lot of people have many questions and interests and this is the right place to ask them.

You can click on the link at the menu on the left hand side or simply go to: PEPLUM Forum

Photo of the Day

Dudley Moore and Richard Pryor in WHOLLY MOSES!

Does anyone remember this film?

I watched it this weekend (or tried to watch it). It's one of those bombs from the late 1970s/early 1980s which probably played for one week in movie theatres before showing up repeatedly on cable. Religious comedies were "in" back then even though calling this a comedy is kinda of a stretch. It's not the disaster that everyone says it is but I didn't laugh once so as a comedy I guess it's a failure. 


There were no spell-checkers at the CANNON GROUP offices?


Ahnuld and bodybuilding pal Franco Columbu during the filming of CONAN THE BARBARIAN