Sunday, March 10, 2013

Models from Antonio Margheriti films

When you watch an Antonio Margheriti film (often credited as Anthony Dawson) there's a good chance you'll witness some intricate model work. While most PEPLUM directors sorta tried to avoid using them Antonio was seemingly obsessed with them. Here's a small sample from his PEPLUM films.

Above & below: WAR GODS OF BABYLON


Above & below: THE FALL OF ROME


Steve R. Orsulak said...

The movie FALL OF ROME is it available on DVD this side of the Atlantic??

Anonymous said...

I was just watching the dvd
War Gods of Babylon the other day.
The flood scene was effective,except for a couple of shots that made it look fakey.
BTW please do a blog on Jocelyn(Jackie)Lane,she was gorgeous in it,especially as a peasent girl.

Anonymous said...

I saw FALL OF ROME twice in the late 60s on the same channel. It is the memory of the special effects that has made me remember the film. I cannot locate a DVD or VHS copy of the film though I hear it is on DVD. I would love to see this film again but I'm happy two photos of the arena collapsing is on here. Would love to see more shots from that sequence. I remember there was a shot of buildings on a street collapsing. Love it that there is a miniature statue of Michelangelo's David about to fall from an arch in the second photo. I thought it only appeared in DEMETRIUS AND THE GLADIATORS.