Sunday, March 17, 2013

Photo of the Day

Vittorio Gassman is Giovanni De Medici in THE VIOLENT PATRIOT

I haven't seen this film yet but it was directed by Sergio Grieco which makes it must see. At the beginning of his career Grieco was such an over-the-top director with films with big memorable scenes that his work, no matter how uneven it might be, was always rewarding in terms of entertainment. And with Gassman? Yep, a definitive must see. Today, Grieco is more remembered as a director of 1970s exploitation films than his PEPLUM epics.

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Peakpasha said...

Ah, yes, he directed one of my favourite peplum, "Caesar Against the Pirates". Plus he directed some very good spy movies later under the pseudonym Terence Hathaway, like "Mission Bloody Mary", "Special Mission Lady Chaplin" and "The Tiffany Memorandum".