Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo of the Day

Antaeus (Giovanni Cianfriglia) is pampered like a king in HERCULES THE AVENGER

Giovanni is great in this film and should have starred in more PEPLUM epics. I like this scene. PEPLUM perfection.

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Anonymous said...

what about Primo Carnera's interpetation of Anateus
Carnera was the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
He was 52 years old in 1958,
so his physique went south some by that age.But he was really ripped
in the 1930's.Check out some of his traing footage of him back then.he was huge but limber.
he would have been great in peplum movies of the 1930's if thay had made them back then.
A terrrific Maciste maybe.