Friday, August 29, 2014

By the Gods!

On the island of Atlantis, Hercules (Reg Park) has to pass a test powered by the forces of Uranus in HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN

The colossus of Atlantis!

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Filming scenes with the top half of the colossus statue for THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

By the Gods!

Massimo Girotti and Gianna Maria Canale in SPARTACO - SINS OF ROME

Great photo!

PEPLUM Fascination : Big heroes and little kids

The huge success of PEPLUM films in the 1950s and 60s was due in part to how young kids, mostly young boys, were impressed by the muscly action going on on the big screen. One can measure a film's "success" by what I term the "fascination" aspects within the stories, which made kids flock to theatres to see more and more. The producers of these European films KNEW about this (unlike today's films) and they intentionally tried to milk it for all its worth, even having a kid hang around  in one scene to gawk at the big Hero.

IMO, this is what makes these films so great and fun, and unique. Today's action films have none of this 'fascination' aspect and I'm rarely impressed by any Hero or stories. The PEPLUM films from the Golden Era knew how to bring out the little kid in all of us.

From HERCULES UNCHAINED. The kid is not acting there. He's mightily impressed by Steve.

Mark Forest looks like a giant to a boy in HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS

Aeneas (Steve Reeves) and his son (Charles Band) in THE AVENGER (War of the Trojans)

Little kid looking up to Henri Vidal in FABIOLA

Boy watches Harry Baird and Joe Robinson arm wrestling in THOR AND THE AMAZON WOMEN

A boy tries to help Ursus (Samson Burke) in VENGEANCE OF URSUS

Gordon Scott and his son in CORIOLANUS : HERO WITHOUT A COUNTRY

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Screenshot of the week

Delilah (Liana Orfei) and Hercules (Kirk Morris) play a game of love in HERCULES, SAMSON AND ULYSSES

I'm still taking some time off. There will be some changes to the blog. I'm still working on it in the meantime here's a cool screenshot with two of my favourite PEPLUM stars.

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Here's a visual comparison between RAPE OF THE SABINE WOMEN (1962), a Mexican film, and ROMULUS AND THE SABINES (1961), an Italian/Euro production, which was first made. The Mexican production stars Lorena Velázquez, Tere Velázquez, Lex Johnson and Wolf Ruvinskis. The Italian one stars Roger Moore and Mylène Demongeot, among others.

The Setting : EARLY ROME

The three main male characters

The celebration before the abduction

The main targeted female(s)

The charmer trying to seduce the female(s)

The abduction of the women

The abducted women revolting

The conclusion

Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo of the Day

Good guy battling bad guys on the Colossus in THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES

Great scene!

Anyway, I'm taking some time off. I might post irregularly here and there! I'll be back soon enough.

Pietro Francisci's Films : Running maidens / ladies-in-waiting / musicians

A signature aspect in Pietro Francisci's films: we see a group of maidens or Ladies-in-Wainting or musicians running away or strutting away from their ruler. This is just one of the many signature details in his films which makes them fun.

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Above and below : dancer and musicians are told to leave by the Queen of Sheba and they promptly leave together


Above : Iole's ladies-in-waiting run away from her once her father enters the room.


Above : A lot of ladies-in-waiting / maidens running away in this film: Hercules arrives and the ladies-in-waiting leave promptly.

Above and Below : Hercules is fed up with the ladies-in-waiting playing with him so he orders them to leave.

Above : Maidens are being chased by Ulysses (not in shot)


Above : The King's maidens run to him when the rebels enter the temple. Many such brief scenes in this film.


Above : a group of three ladies-in-waiting inform the woman working on the flowers that this lady, Clio, is distraught and they have to leave

Above: another ladies-in-waitting running away scene in SIEGE OF SYRACUSE


Above : Delilah tells everyone to leaves, including the female musicians who all run-off together


Richard Harrison as Perseus battles the creepy Medusa monster. Love this! This is taken from the Spanish version with the Medusa shooting lasers from its eye!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo of the Day

Michael Biehn is Sebastian in THE MARTYRDOM OF ST. SEBASTIAN

A French TV production starring two English speaking actors (the other is Nicholas Clay). Like so many PEPLUM films, the story starts in modern times and Biehn is transported back in Antiquity and becomes Sebastian. Biehn and Clay are lovers at one point, which was daring back then. Not bad but very serious or some might say pretentious. Even if next to impossible to get a good copy of this film, you can view some clips on Youtube.

After work activities

Steve Reeves eating some gelato, along with his girlfriend/wife, in Rome back in the day. Yes, his beard was authentic.