Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Continuing with the series of best PEPLUM villains here's MACISTE VS THE MOLE MEN (aka Mole Men vs the Son of Hercules)  and its chief villain is Halis Mojab played with over-the-top confidence by one and only Moira Orfei. Moira often played villains and bad girls but this her at her baddest or most merciless. She's the queen of an underground race of mole men who can't live on the surface of the earth. Her twisted kingdom is a sad place and she tries to exert as much power from it as she can, to hide the fact that she really doesn't have a much of a life.

By the end of the film, her character is sorta redeemed since she's not a real Mole person and is able to live in sunlight but even so Moira Orfei as the evil Queen is one of the most memorable villains in PEPLUM cinema.

Her cohorts are Kathar (Gianni Garko) and his father the high priest Kahab (Enrico Giori). Kathar wants Halis Mojab for himself but Queen Halis has her eyes on Maciste (Majesteus in the film; Mark Forest), below.

Maciste is put to the test by the Queen; if he loses his friend Bangor (Paul Wynter) and Loth (Roberto Miali) will die with him.

After surviving the Feat of Strength to end all Feat of Strengths, the Queen wants Maciste for herself.

Halis Mojab and the High Priest torture Bangor, among other terrible deeds.

They also mercilessly kill the slaves of the underground kingdom.

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