Monday, March 4, 2013

Dale Robertson RIP

Dale Robertson died last week, on Febrary 26, at the age of 89. Mainly known as a Western star, Dale did appear in the (infamous) SON OF SINBAD.I already posted about Dale a few times here at the blog, including here and here. Even though SON OF SINBAD is not considered great art (Vincent Price said it's one of the worst films he's ever made) I still have a special fondness for it. RIP Dale.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Yes I also did a RIP on Dale, as he was the first western star I saw and liked as a kid, as my Dad took me to see Sitting Bull and Gambler from Natchez, and Dakota Incident is pretty good too.
I got Son of Sinbad a couple of years ago and its a delicious "eastern", particularly when Vincent Price (at his campest) and all those cuties are around. Dale seems to be having fun in those harem pants and turban!

PEPLUM cinema said...

Did you know that SON OF SINBAD was specifically made to flush out all the contract of all the girls Howard Hughes had under RKO? Vincent said this in an interview. It's on Youtube. Yes, Dale seemed to have a lot of fun with the settings and costumes.