Thursday, March 14, 2013

New DVDs

Cecil B DeMille's CLEOPATRA is getting the HD treatment. This is an old film and the HD screenshot looks grainy. I'm a bit skeptical about this one but it still looks good. I believe this is only available in the UK.


SAMSON & DELILAH will finally be released on DVD. Not by PARAMOUNT whom said they didn't care about it but through another company


Two HD editions of Italian PEPLUM films: ANTHAR THE INVINCIBLE and below LE GLADIATRICI aka THOR & THE AMAZON WOMEN. The covers are a letdown, certainly the one for GLADIATRICI but the image from the DVDs are spectacular (the intro title below). Who knew that these two titles would be the first Italian PEPLUM films to get blu-ray releases!!!

courtesy of PEPLUM PARADISE on Facebook 


Anonymous said...

Cleopatra is one film that REALLY should've been filmed in Technicolor. I've seen a handful of recent color photos of some of Colbert's surviving costumes and no BW film could do those costumes (or the sets) justice.

Pal said...

"Who knew that these two titles would be the first Italian PEPLUM films to get blu-ray releases!!!"

I suppose, the first Italian PEPLUM on Blu-ray is 'The Colossus of Rhodes' (which I got from Germany).

Steve R. Orsulak said...

I did a quick check on SAMSON & DELILAH and according to the info I read Paramount did release it on DVD. Shocking isn't it!! They totally remastered the entire movie and all the music score which includes the Entrance and the Exit music. The movie is still in full screen, the report said that it looks and sounds like the day it debuted in 1949, but there is no plan to release it on Blu-Ray.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Pal, COLOSSUS OF RHODES was backed by MGM and it's one of the few Euro PEPLUM films officially released on dvd here in North America so for it to be on blu-ray is not unusual. For low budget Italian PEPLUMs for ANTHAR and THOR & THE AMAZON WOMEN to be the first blu rays is unusual.

Thanks for the info, Steve

Anonymous said...

The 1935 film
was sort of like an antecent of the peplum movies.
It had some great special effects by Willis O'Brien who of corse did the effects for the original 1933 RKO release of King Kong.
What i most remember of watching
Last Days of Pompeii on tv was the giant statue breaking apart and falling.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it at the original filming location of the original silent Cleopatra,that some Archaelogists did some excavations at.
That really was a massive set
that made for it,or one of the
peplum movies of the silent era.

Anonymous said...

How many peplum movies had a giant statue in it similair to the
Colloseus of Rhoades?
The Last Days of Pompi(1935)
had one,but it was towering over the entrance of the gladiator arena.
When the volcano erupted it cracked apart and fell,
simialer to Talos in Jason and the Argonauts almost 30 years later.
Maybe Ray Harryhausen did a tribute to Willis O'Brien in that scene.