Monday, March 18, 2013

Photo of the Day

Eleonora Vargas, John Drew Barrymore and Jeanne Crain in WITH FIRE & SWORD

I finally got hold of a nice (but not perfect) copy of this rare film. The English copy I have is unwatchable. 

Everyone seems to forget that John Drew Barrymore was a big PEPLUM star back then. With his big wavy blond hair, Barrymore was a scene stealer. Jeanne Crain was too old for her role in this film (she was nearly 40) but she still looked great nonetheless. Eleonora only did a handful of films, mostly of the PEPLUM genre.

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Anonymous said...

Only in Hollywood of the movie Mogul era could someone like
Jean Crane be over the hill
at age 39.
Because it seems like since the last 20 years
no one in show buisness or music buisness
ever goes or fades away anymore nowdays even when they were a hit only in 1990.