Friday, March 29, 2013

Lou Ferrigno, the ultimate Hercules?


"I heard that Reg Park claims to be the most massive Hercules ever. Well, he's entitled to his opinion. I hate to say this, but if anyone can look bigger and more cut than I do on the screen, he'll probably be over seven feet and wigh 325 pounds."

"When I worked out at the American Health Club in Rome, the gym was packed every day. I'm going to create a whole new cycle, like Steve Reeves did, only bigger because I really affect people."

"They got the right guy for the part, and I'm glad because it's being done at the right time. It's going to give me a whole different image, and it will dispel the myth completely."

Ferrigno, in fact, says it seems like only yesterday "when he was little" - a statement which certainly stretches credibility - and watching Hercules at home, that he dreamt of being like Steve Reeves. Today, Ferrigno feels that he is better in muscle development than his mentor, but he comments, that, "for his time," Reeves was unbelievable.

Do you agree? You can read more of what Lou thinks of himself at the link.



Anonymous said...

I don't know if Lou was the best Hercules ever, but he was perfect for the role. Now Kevin Sorbo was awful. Although Sorbo had a fine physique, I cannot accept a portrayal of Hercules without beard and wearing long pants.

NAninymous said...

Lou Ferrigno, Reg Park and Steve Reeves (as well as various other, similar actors from the late 1950s to mid-1960s) I can accept as Hercules. Howver, I have a hard time hearing Hercules speak with an Austrian accent (sorry, Arnie).

Anonymous said...

I even accept KELLEN LUTZ as Hercules; he certainly has the physique for the role.