Tuesday, April 23, 2024

HD Alert!

Scenes from VULCAN - THE SON OF JUPITER (1962)

That's Iloosh Khoshabe (back) as Vulcan and Bella Cortez as Etna. Below is Gordon Mitchell as Pluto and Furio Meniconi as Jupiter

This HD copy is beautiful. It does have some issues in some scenes but overall it's a vast improvement over the old prints. The one issue about this production is the cheap looking set of Mount Olympus (below). Well, now we can see it the cheap set in HD! I like this movie. It's very colourful and the cast is good looking/sexy. From a Spanish streaming service.



pedro bedoya said...

It is an enjoyable movie. And also a beautiful Annie Gorasini as Aphrodite

Anonymous said...

See previously from PeplumTV, comparisons of Mount Olympus at the Movies: