This page will cover the different versions of titles in my collection.


In today's example of different versions found in my collection, the spotlight is on ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (1972) starring Charlton Heston and Hildegarde Neil.

There are only 5 examples in this comparison, with two being identical. I'll post the different versions from highest resolution to lowest. 

When it was released in the UK during its roadshow run, there were Intro and Outro music. There was also an Intermission. For its wide release, Intro and Outro music are almost always not included and are not considered as part of the real runtime. 

The Intro and Outro scores is only available in the Twilight Time Blu-ray. Unfortunately, the TT release is cut. And it doesn't include the Intermission. 

Needless to say, the EMBASSY VHS video version is the only full version out there, sans Intro and Outro music. But it does have the Intermission.


English - Blu-ray - widescreen - resolution: 1280x546 - Runtime: 2 hours 35 minutes 28 seconds - NTSC - English only

Intro music 2 minutes 58 seconds - Outro music: 4 minutes 38 seconds

No intermission

This version is cut. Its runtime is deceptive since it includes 7 minutes and 36 seconds of music at the beginning and the end; without music the runtime is 2 hours 27 minutes and 52 seconds. This means nearly 13 minutes of scenes were cut from the original runtime of 160 minutes


English - TV broadcast - widescreen - resolution: 1021x430 - Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes 42 seconds - NTSC - English only

No intro music - No outro music

No intermission

I assume this is a TV version. Source is unknown. Got it from Rarelust. It is heavily cut and moves at a brisk pace.


Norwegian - VHS tape - 4:3 - resolution: 720x550 - Runtime: 2 hours 32 minutes 36 seconds - PAL - English with Norwegian subtitles.

No intro music - No outro music

No intermission

Change at 1 hour 24 minutes 19 seconds

At 1 hour 24 minutes 19 seconds, there’s VHS noise and tracking resumes soon after. This suggests that the tape came in either two cassettes or that the source print was recorded with two cassettes.

Though at a certain high resolution, the image itself is heavily cropped (or zoomed in) and with the subtitles, this print has the least information.


English - TV broadcast - widescreen - resolution: 720x304 - Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes 42 seconds - NTSC - English only

No intro music - No outro music

No intermission

Identical to the Version A but at a lower resolution. I got this print first, and 'upgraded' with version A.


English - US VHS - 4:3 - resolution: 620x480 - Runtime: 2 hours 40 minutes 15 seconds (excluding Embassy logo intro) - NTSC - English only

No intro music - No outro music

Intermission included. The intermission is 1 minute and 3 seconds long. Intermission happens at 1 hour 29 minutes 19 seconds into the movie.

This version is the only complete version (excluding the Intro and Outro music), including the Intermission (below). 



In today's example of different versions found in my collection, the spotlight is on THE GIANT OF MARATHON starring Steve Reeves and Mylène Demongeot. Brace yourselves.

The movie hasn't been released in any format in HD but it was shown in 1280 HD on TV in France. 

The list goes from highest resolution to the lowest.

French TV Broadcast 

French - TV broadcast - widescreen -1280 x 544 - opening credits: French - runtime: 84m 44s - PAL - French only

French Fan Dub / Trade 

French - Trade/Fan Dub - 16X9 - 1078 x 576 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 83m 45s - PAL - French only

French DVD pack 

French - DVD pack - 16X9 - 768 x 412 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 83m 56s at PAL - 3 languages: Italian, French and English.


US - DVD - widescreen - 720 x 304 - opening credits: English - No MGM logo - runtime: 86m 14s - NTSC - English only

Italian TV Broadcast

Italian - TV broadcast - widescreen - 715 x 331 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 84m 37s - PAL - Italian only

Millcreek / Public domain

US - WARRIORS 50 pack (Millcreek) - 4:3 - 638 x 460 - opening credits: English - MGM logo - runtime: 84m 24s - NTSC - English only


US - DVD pack - 4:3 - 624 x 464 - opening credits: English - MGM Logo - runtime: 84m 21s - NTSC - English only

Italian (Trade)

Italian - Trade - widescreen 624 x 256 - opening credits: Italian but intro text in English - runtime: 84m 23s - PAL - Italian only 

Greek copy from Youtube

Greek - Youtube - 4:3 widescreen - 450 x 360 - opening credits: English title (different than the original English design) but credits in French - runtime: 83m 54s - PAL - English with Greek subtitles


Trade means I got it from trading with someone. Source unknown.

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This will become a regular feature here at the blog. I'll show the different versions of titles, big or small, with at least than 3 versions or more in my collection.

Since publishing the HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN review of The Film Detective Blu-ray review, some have enquired about this TV version I used as an example between the Blu-ray and the Retromedia DVD. I could have used the copy of the French DVD or Italian DVD but I got the Italian broadcast one 8 years ago, in 2013, and I thought that it would be an adequate version for the comaprison.

If you look at my PEPLUM collection I posted online, I don't have DVD discs of the Italian and French DVD releases. I acquired those versions through trades. I have the movie on disc with the MillCreek version (from the WARRIORS 50 megapack), the Retromedia DVD release, which I used in the comparison, and the new Blu-ray release from The Film Detective. All other files are digital via the internet.

For this comparison, I'll go from the highest resolution to the lowest. I have 9 different versions of the movie. I've included the resolutions in each screenshots.

The Film Detective Blu-ray

This is the release with the highest resolution. It's a shame the clarity is pretty weak, there's a distortion in the image and the orange tint ruins what could have been a great release.

Fan Sub version

I don't know who did this Fan Sub (adding custom made English subtitles to a print with a different language) but I believe it was made with the Italian DVD version. In the process, its aspect ratio was up-converted to 1014x434. It's not a native resolution to the original file. It only has the Italian audio.

French DVD version

As I stated before, I don't have the DVD disc of the French version. It's a very good print but on the dark side. This MKV file has both the Italian and French languages.

Retromedia DVD version

I have the disc, from the cool HERCULES COLLECTION boxset. This print has more info on the left side, top and bottom but not on the right side. In English only.

Italian TV Broadcast

This is the so-called Italian TV broadcast version I got back in 2013. This print differs from the French and Italian DVDs so it doesn't originate from these releases. It's cropped from all sides and it's not as dark and the colours are more muted. I used this version for the Blu-ray review. In Italian only.

Italian DVD version

The copy is from the Italian DVD, which I don't have in my collection of physical media, such as DVDs, VHS or Blu-rays. It's much darker than the TV broadcast or the recent Blu-ray release in the US.  And there's more information on all sides.

French VHS version

The French VHS is terrible quality but it's in widescreen. In French only.

Spanish version

I found this Spanish version on Youtube. It's heavily cropped and the colours are very saturated. In Spanish only.

MillCreek version

This is the version from the WARRIORS 50 megapack. Horrible image. In English only.



PEPLUM movies made in Europe, mainly Italy, often had different versions of the same movie for different markets: one for Europe and another for North America. Though this practice was not widespread, it happened enough to be an issue. It's one of the reasons why Fan Dubs for some titles are impossible to make: the English audio doesn't match the European print. Here's one clear example.

THE LOVES OF HERCULES (1960) has three versions. I only show two versions here. The version on the left is the original Italian version while the screenshot on the right was taken from the US print. The third version is the one with Mickey Hargitay's real voice (I've never seen that one). The movie was made in 1960 but released in the US in 1966 (direct to TV?). 

Not only is the action of the same scenes different but the one for US market seems to have been made specifically for television. Side by side comparisons show how the framing between the two versions is completely different. In the above example, the US one shows Hercules (Mickey Hargitay) from the waist up while the Italian print shows him from the chest.

The problem is that the US version of the movie has never been released in widescreen (does it exist?) therefore it's impossible to fully know how much more different it it. Needeless to say, this is one of the best examples out there.

I can't imagine what a nightmare it must have been to keep track of all these scenes.

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