Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Photo of the Day

Richard Harrison poses as a native with his friend's help, Wilbert Bradley, in TEMPLE OF A THOUSAND LIGHTS

I don't have this film in my collection. It is available in Italian with English subs as SANDOK which I'll buy one of these days but in the meantime PEPLUM PARADISE posted a bunch of screenshots (including the one above) from it and well it's almost as good as watching it. Seriously, Richard Harrison is featured sans shirt or with as little clothes as possible more often in this film than all of his Sword & Sandal films combined, which I find funny. The dark makeup doesn't bother me much as he's not doing blackface (like Eddie Cantor in ROMAN SCANDALS which is ick...)...he looks like someone with a little too much bronzer. Seems like a fun film.

BTW, this SANDOK DVD is often confusingly sold as SANDOKAN DVD (see below) on eBay.

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