Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo of the Day

Amenophis (Amedeo Nazzari) grieves the death of his favorite holy man (Carlo D'Angelo) while Benakon the High Priest (Vincent Price, in background) watches on in NEFERTITE - QUEEN OF THE NILE

I just created a new Fan Dub of this film (I've been on a roll) and yes I'll be playing it on PEPLUM TV. While making the Fan Dub I was surprised by how simple the storyline is. If your brain sweats while watching this you'll need psychiatric help 'cause it's very black & white simple. The film is not bad. In fact it's pretty good but I just wished the script was more elaborate. Production design is good but the costume steal the show. They're excellent, for both women and men.

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Michael O'Sullivan said...

I've been meaning to watch this, as got it in a job lot of peplums over a year ago. I shall see it in the next week or so then ...