Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo of the Day

Luisella Boni is being programmed into submission with hypnotism in FURY OF HERCULES

I made a Fan Dub of this film. The US copy is horrible so a Fan Dub was in order. This film is not as good as SAMSON, which is almost identical in every aspect except for a polished final film. FURY OF HERCULES feels like they collected scraps of footage left on the cutting room floor from SAMSON and they strung up a film together. It's amazing that you can have the same team, crew, actors, etc, and have two films end up being so different in quality. It's watchable and there are some good moments here and there but there are several truly terrible sequences in it, mostly to do with a myriad number of poorly scripted and acted subplots including this one about people being hypnotized into slaves for the villains' nefarious evil plots.

I was thinking of doing a special PEPLUM edit and delete most of these scenes (mostly of people crying, confused or dying) out of it which I might do later on. The film will be very short. Also, as in SAMSON, Alan Steel has a supporting role and though he wears a snazzy uniform he's sorta wasted in it. His role and presence is so much better in SAMSON.

I'm going to play this on PEPLUM TV this Saturday, including a couple of other Fan Dubs and Fan Subs I completely this week!

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Brrrodie the Westie said...

I love this actress ... but I have been confused for years about her billing.

She was billed in these movies as:

Brigitte Corey

And in one as:

Isabelle Corey

Not to be confused with a different Isabelle Corey in movies like HEAD OF A TYRANT.

With your great knowledge do you have any insight into these different stage names? I know in some movies "Gordon Mitchell" is billed as "Mitchell Gordon" but that I just attribute to sheer confusion over the international platform.

Whatever insight you can give would be greatly appreciated.