Monday, May 6, 2013

HERCULES - Are you really Hercules? - Steve Reeves

Scene from HERCULES: King Pelias wonders if he's really Hercules who then proceeds to simply  show them that he is. Great scene.

I've created a new Youtube channel called PEPLUM TV and for now that's all I'm uploading there. I might have to close the other two channels and this one is the back up one so bookmark it and subscribe to it.


orsh549 said...

I'm all for this and I just subscribed to it. Hope it goes well.

Scott said...

A different dub than the version I'm used to; the dialogue is more fluent, and actually has a touch of irony, although hearing Hercules speaking in a higher register is a bit jarring.

Never noticed before that aside from introducing himself, Herc doesn't say a word. Just stands there watching the Royal Family bicker, then bends an iron bar, and saunters off. Now that's a demi-divine badass for you.