Thursday, May 2, 2013

Not updating Facebook account

I love doing this blog and my new one, PEPLUM X, which is a big success with over 22000 views since I started it just one month ago. It's fun and silly but it gives me the chance to post images and stuff I wouldn't normally do on the main blog. Because of the success of the new blog but also because of the low traffic issues I've decided to stop updating my PEPLUM Facebook account. There are over 260+ "friends" there but few of them participate or bother reading the info on the blogs. I keep posting direct links to my blog posts which has articles and detailed notes but since many at Facebook don't bother clicking on the links many keep asking me "what film is this?" or "who's the actor". If they'd click on the links all the info would be there but for some unknown reason they don't even if I mentioned to them to click the links in the Facebook posts; at one time I included images and arrows to show them what to do. But alas the experiment didn't work. As the above screenshot shows, I looked at the traffic at my Youtube channel (which has been going through a lot these days) and the traffic from Facebook of links to my Youtube videos is less than 4%. This blog gets between 800 up to 1500 views a day and the number of views from Facebook was also around 4% (or around 10 regular visitors from FB a day). Very low traffic or interest.

The Facebook formatting sucks. Everything I love doing here doesn't translate well on Facebook so again many people don't get it. For example, when I review a film I can't upload the text at Facebook so I just upload images and most don't click the link of the review at the blog and they don't get to read it. There are several other factors, like "friends" who are spamming (I had to block one who kept on spamming my FB with an endless number of new friends) and some FB "friends" not being what I would consider friends. The Facebook account has always been a satellite part of this main blog, which I LOVE doing (I hope it shows...), wanting people to join in at the action here but it hasn't happened. One of the reasons is that many of my FB friends befriended my account, not knowing what it was and probably didn't get it or they just wanted to know the name of that film they saw when they were kids and couldn't remember the title and befriended me to get the info and once they got it they never came back even though they're still friends. Another reason would be language barrier issues. A lot of PEPLUM fans are from Europe or non-English speaking countries.

Doing the FB page was as time consuming as the main blog page (at times even more time consuming because of trying to fix their weird formatting). For so few daily views it's simply not worth it. The whole thing was redundant. Why post the same thing at two different accounts? The extra time I'll have will be concentrated on other upcoming projects like the full website I've been trying to start up for some time (at or creating better posts or articles. I'm not closing the Facebook account, I'm just not updating it on a daily basis. It was fun while it lasted (4 whole years!) but it's best for me to move on.



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orsh549 said...

I never went on your Facebook site, I'm on Facebook but I keep it all in the family. I have visited all your other sites and I'm on here everyday. People out there don't know what they're missing. I have a nice collection and I have learned a lot from you. Your sites are so much more informative then the S.Western sites which leave much to be desired. Keep up the good work.