Friday, May 17, 2013

Photo of the Day

Maciste (Alan Steel; Samson in the English version) enjoys the company of some new "friends" in ZORRO VS MACISTE (or Samson and the Slave Queen).

Tomorrow on PEPLUM TV will be Subtitled Madness. All very rare films in beautiful prints with English subs. There are some titles of which I've been trying to find English subs for years and suddenly I got hold of tons of subtitles for a bunch of titles this week. I've currently processing all the stuff but tomorrow will be great.

I tried to do a Fan Dub of ZORRO VS MACISTE but the English audio is in such terrible quality and there are so many edits throughout the film that I decided to go with a Fan Dub instead. It's an action film anyway so the dialogue is important but secondary to the action. Be there!

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