Monday, May 27, 2013

Photo of the Day

Gladiators salute Valentiniano III (Roldano Lupi) in REVENGE OF THE GLADIATORS

Not to be confused with another film with the same English title starring Gordon Mitchell and Roger Browne. This one stars Mickey hargitay, José Greci and a couple of well known actors stuntmen like Giovanni Cianfriglia (second from the left) and Benito Stefanelli. The interesting thing about this seldom seen film are the gladiators pictured here known as The Invincible Six. This group of gladiators is just one of many which became popular in PEPLUM films in the early 1969s after GLADIATOR OF ROME (see a few posts below), like THE TEN GLADIATORS, GLADIATOR 7, THE SECRET SEVEN, etc. I played this film last Saturday when during GLADIATOR day. Did you watch it? The ratings were good and I'll definitely do another all Gladiator day in the near future. Who doesn't like gladiators!?!

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orsh549 said...

I am pretty sure that Sinister Cinema has this movie on DVD, and it's available at Amazon. I don't know how good the quality is.