Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photo of the Day

Massimo Girotti tries to capture the beauty of Belinda Lee in GODDESS OF LOVE

This film was released in 1957. It was quite sexy for a film of that decade. Today, no one would bat an eye. Another "Aphrodite" film was released in 1958. Both films are about sculptors trying to create a state of the goddess of love. It's all very confusing. But this one stars Massimo and Jacques Sernas. The other stars Anthony Steffen and Isabelle Corey. I like both but slightly prefer the 1958 one even though there's no actor as good as Massimo Girotti in that one.

Aside from the title and part of the subject matter the one thing that really binds these productions together is the butt ugly statues which doesn't resemble the women posing for it. I mean, seriously. Couldn't they get real sculptors to recreate the actresses?  jk!

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orsh549 said...

Where are either of these DVDs available?

PEPLUM cinema said...

There's a beautiful French DVD release of the 1958 version, with French and Italian audio tracks. I made a Fan Sub of this film with English subs.

I don't think the 1957 one has ever been released on DVD. I might be wrong on this but I've never seen it on sale anywhere. I do have a widescreen copy in Italian and regular poster Michael O'Sullivan gave me a copy of this with English I'm currently doing a Fan Sub of the 1957 version as well. It's tedious but it's well worth it.