Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tragic Stars : Livio Lorenzon

A familiar face of the PEPLUM genre, who probably made more films than any other actor during the PEPLUM explosion, Livio Lorenzon died in a car accident a few days before Christmas, on December 23 in 1971. Livio was only 48 years old. A life cut way too short. One can only think how many other memorable roles he would have had if he hadn't died.

Livio starred in some of the best films alongside the biggest stars of the genre, including Steve Reeves, Mark Forest and Richard Harrison. A part of the PEPLUM genre died when he died tragically.

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Livio in Pontius Pilate


Steven Lester said...

Oh, yes. I remember his face, certainly. I had no idea he died so long ago. Now I know. Thank you.

orsh549 said...

If there ever was a King of the Peplum Genre this is the actor who would get the title. I always enjoyed his characters and do you have any idea as to how many movies he made? He also did his share of Euro Westerns and other action movies.