Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photo of the Day

Henet (Belinda Lee) feigns surprise when slave/friend Joseph (Geoffrey Horne) is cast away after false allegations made by her in JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN (aka Joseph sold by his brothers)

This is the last film Belinda made before her tragic death (link). The interesting thing about this film (aside from Belinda's crazy wigs) are the three main actors are all English speaking actors: Belind, Geoffrey and Robert Morley. Terence Hill is the big Italian star in this production but it's pretty to find all three main characters in an Italian production played by non-Italians. This is a real melodrama.

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Michael O'Sullivan said...

Yes its a pity Belinda does not have more to do in this, but Morley as ever is good fun and enjoys himself as her devoted husband. Horne was good in De Laurentiis's The Tempest with Silvana Mangano in 1958, with Viveca Lindfors as a good Catherine the Great.