Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo of the Day

Dar (Marc Singer) meets Kiri (Tanya Roberts) in THE BEASTMASTER

I saw this film a million times because this was my brother's favorite film and he used to watch it repeatedly on vhs. Don Coscarelli was obviously influenced by PEPLUM films from the Golden Era because almost every cliché is present in this film. I like it but I don't find it great (like my bro). IMO, it's missing some oomph to make it memorable. And the villains are forgettable. Production values are pretty good and Coscarelli's direction is elaborate if clunky at times. Working with all those animals must have been arduous.

Marc Singer was mostly a TV actor and was often seen shirtless or wore little clothes in those TV productions, which was perfect for the genre. Physically, he was game for all the action but his delivery of the dialogue is beyond flat. As for Tanya, I have to admit that I'm a BIG Tanya fan. I always thought she had the x factor but that no one knew how to tap into it. It's a shame. She has a topless scene in this film which probably helped make this a success. My only grip about Tanya was her hairdo. It was too CHARLIE'S ANGELS for a Sword & Sorcery film.

There's a big bad guy in this who walks around in studded chaps, studded leather head cover and spiked gloves who looks like he came straight out of a S&M production. A direct influence from the leather men baddies in THE ROAD WARRIOR.

This film most likely help make ferrets a trendy pet back in the day.

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