Saturday, April 20, 2013


As a fan of the PEPLUM genre watching HERCULES UNCHAINED is a fun experience for the many cameos in it. Here are some examples.

Fabrizio Mioni had a main role in HERCULES, as Jason (see yesterday's photo of the day) but in its sequel, HERCULES UNCHAINED, he had a cameo, as one of Queen Onfale's unfortunate lovers. He's barely recognizable in this from his previous PEPLUM films.

Like Fabrizio, Mimmo Palmara starred in HERCULES and returned for HERCULES UNCHAINED, as Polinices but his role is basically a cameo. Often shot in the dark (see image below, profile) or something covering his face, they deliberately tried to make Mimmo as unrecognizable as possible.

Future PEPLUM superstar Sergio Ciani, aka Alan Steel, first appeared in HERCULES UNCHAINED. Often erroneously credited as Steve Reeves' stuntman/body double in THE GIANT OF MARATHON (see previous post), Sergio, or Alan, was Reeves' stuntman in a few scenes in HERCULES UNCHAINED, as shown in the screenshot directly below. Alan does appear, face in full view, in a couple of scenes (above).

Giuliano Gemma on the left. His name is not listed at IMDb.

Giuliano Gemma again

Ugo Sasso

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