Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photo of the Day

Yor (Reb Brown) swings into action in YOR - THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE

Part PEPLUM, part cavemen adventure, part sci-fi flick, YOR is everything typical in Italian popular filmmaking, including a bad wig on Reb, who's agile and athletic but not the typical bodybuilder type we usually see. Like so many such films made in the 1980s, the costumes were skimpy and it wasn't unusual for the actors of both gender to flash their naked butts on screen and Reb does this a plenty in YOR so much so that a YOR drinking game would be in order.

Director Antonio Margheriti, a veteran director from the Golden Era of the PEPLUM genre, knows how to keep things moving at a great pace. Perfect for PEPLUM TV viewing. 

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Steven Lester said...

Reb Brown, who was an American actor, had to lose a lot of weight for this role, as he was usually much bigger in the football bloat kind of way. He also played Captain America on television and a surfer on Big Wednesday. He was also the heavy in SSSST (maybe too many S's) who died while taking a shower from multiple snake bites when the main bullied guy put them in the stall after Reb had closed the door and the steam had obscured his vision. I always thought he died too quickly, though.