Thursday, April 11, 2013

Title versions

 Italian opening credit

Standard English opening credit


International English opening credit for ROMA CONTRO ROMA

The film was released as WAR OF THE ZOMBIES for the North American market

French opening credit


orsh549 said...

When I saw this in the movies growing up the title was WAR OF THE ZOMBIES & my DVD of this movie is ROME AGAINST ROME. On the DVD they have a section for some of the cast members and the different movies they made the list would come to ROME AGAINST ROME then you scroll down a little bit more and they list WAR OF THE ZOMBIES. What I found interesting was the actors got credit for 2 different movies when in all actuality it was the same movie. Has this happened before in Peplum or can I say any genre?

PEPLUM cinema said...

Definitely happened with other non-PEPLUM films, certainly with foreign films. Any film with multiple titles often ends up this way.