Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo of the Day

The grand Roman setting for IN THE SHADOW OF THE EAGLE

When I purchased this DVD on eBay I was gobsmacked by the quality of the image. It is by far the best looking transfer I've ever seen, certainly for a (nearly) 50 year old film. Except for a few editing glitches the image is totally immaculate, crystal clear and looked like it was shot yesterday. And I only paid $7 for it. The image quality is better than 90% of the stuff on DVD from Hollywood. Totally unexpected for such a low key film few people know about. If only every film from that era looked like this. And it's in English as well. 

It's also one of the least popular film I play on PEPLUM TV. It's a serious film and no one seems to care for it.

**I'm off tomorrow so see ya on monday**


Unknown said...

Who released this DVD? Does it have English translation? I like serious Peplum. Thanks.

PEPLUM cinema said...

A Greek dvd company. The DVD IS in English. I bought it on eBay so try to find it there.

Unknown said...

Thanks. In the meantime I found an eBay listing of the DVD (now closed) with reportedly excellent picture and English audio, and the seller was living in Turkey.

The only Greek DVD edition I found has no English. The Italian DVD seems to have good quality, but in Italian only (with no subs). The only subtitles I found is Romanian.