Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Tom Riley as Leonardo Da Vinci (with Greg Chillin) in a new series called DA VINCI'S DEMONS. The program is already getting tons o' criticism because it portrays Da Vinci as a Romantic Playboy type who has loads of girlfriends when historically speaking it's a known fact that Leonardo was gay (or bisexual). One of the show's producers even said 'Everything you ever heard about Da Vinci, we're gonna turn on its head.' In other words it will be reduced to the lowest common denominator.


Steven Lester said...

I saw another picture of this series where he is painting two pictures perfectly with a brush in each hand, while he is reading a book, all at the same time. What a brain! Is that one of his demons running with him as he runs through the hay, no doubt about to wrestle down to the ground an angry bull that is out of the camera but is just ahead of him, in order to save the beautiful lady tied to stakes because she wouldn't go with the Duke to his bedroom. Here is a man for the ages!

Anonymous said...

Leonardo is BISEXUAL in the show.