Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finding my stuff elsewhere...

As I surf the web looking for inspiration I now often come across stuff I did for this blog on other websites. It's pretty common for people to take stuff on the web and upload on one's blog or site. I've done this myself. But I always try to give credit to the person or site (if I make any alterations to the image like re-cropping, color correction or generally fixing it (not just modifying it like what they did below) then I don't give credit as I worked on it to make it look better). I don't mind to see my stuff elsewhere but as long as they don't pretend it's theirs...otherwise this pisses me off. I've already mentioned this on my Facebook page where people are more brazen about this but I didn't mention this here on the main blog. 

Hmm...this looks familiar!


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Last year I found that my whole blog had somehow being copied and put into another blog by somebody in Indonesia. It was un-nerving and annoying seeing my personal stuff, about my holiday in my hometown in Ireland etc, in a different styled blog with Indonesian headings!

They stopped after a while though - but one wonders why, for some kind of school project, or whatever?

I have always given you credit for the few images I copied from Peplum.



Steven Lester said...

Well, you do good work, what else could it be? Certainly, though, the custom of giving notice where due should be followed.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Mike, that's freaky. I expect to find something like that one day. I don't post personal stuff like you do on your blog which makes the existence of the other blog in Indonesia really bizarre. :-)

Steven yes people want to copy good work but when you think about it stealing is stealing. If credit is given I'm fine with it (they left the www.peplum.ca address on the image which is ok) but it's still bizarre to come across your stuff here and there.