Sunday, March 17, 2013


Giuseppe Tosi, Buddy Baer and Arthur Walge pose for a photo during the filming of QUO VADIS. Big fellows!


Anonymous said...

Buddy Baer was a heavyweight contenderof the 1930's who fought Joe Louis twice for the title.
He also was the younger brother
of former world heavyweight champion Max Baer.
Buddy Baer stood 6 ft 7"
tall in his socks(or 5ft 19 inches
as discribed on the book cover of his autobiography.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Quo Vadis,
Is the 1961 George Pal movie
considered peplum?
It was released on dvd in 2010.
Its widely considered George Pal's worst film but I thought it was really entertaining myself whenever it played on tv back in the 1970's.It hadd a really cool looking ancient submarine,a crystal death ray,manimals(half man,half mammal)
and the hero fights a giant in a pit(played by 7 foot tall 400 lbs
American actor
Robert"Big Buck"Maffei.
Reportedly it was the succces pf Hercules and Hercules Unchained
that MGM gave the green light to George Pal to make.Unfortatly they stiffed him with the budget,so he had to use a lot of stock footage from Quo Vadis to pad it out.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Walge( 6 ft 6 inches tall and 265 lbs) was a former bodybuilder,weight lifter
and later a professional wrestler.
Reportedly Howard Hugh's signed him to play a boxer against Robert Ryan in the classic movie THE SET-UP(1949)But I havent seen the movie in years so I can say if he even appeared in it.Arthur Walge also later became Mario Lanza's chauffer.BTW also in Quo Vadis
is famous Italian actor Bud Spencer
( 6 ft 4")in his movie debut as an Imperial Guard.

Richard Svensson said...

I watched this again just the other night. Baer's performance is almost understated and very sympathetic. He first made a very vivid impresion on me as a kid, when I saw him as the giant in "Jack & the Beanstalk". Quite a different role!

Anonymous said...

the dude on the left was in need of some"Man-Scaping",
if you ask me.

cella vinaria said...

Grandissimo Giuseppe Tosi, medaglia d'oro olimpico lancio del disco 1954. Piemontese e Novarese di nascita. Ogni estate fino alla sua morte nel 1981 si recava nella sua terra di origine per passare un po' di tempo a Borgo Ticino, dove era nato. Lo ricordiamo sempre con grande affetto.