Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cameo found (but still missing)

It's well known that Elizabeth Taylor was in the running for the role played by Deborah Kerr in QUO VADIS but she lucked out. They did ask her to do a cameo, which she did and this photo proves it. Unfortunately, it looks like the cameo didn't make it in the final cut as I watched the specific scenes in the photo and there's no Elizabeth during those moments.

Thanks to Colossal Quo Vadis.


Michael O'Sullivan said...

I understand that Taylor was visiting the set and played one of the christians being served to the lions.... I don't suppose we will ever find the young Sophia Loren (and her mother) who started her career here as one of the slave girls - it would only take a decade or so for Sophia to be headlining her own epics (El Cid, Fall of the Roman Empire).

Anonymous said...

I read the same thing about Taylor, that she was honeymooning in Rome with Nick Hilton, visited the set and did the bit part as a lark.