Monday, August 20, 2012

FARAON: Royal Procession (1966)

Interesting scene from a rare film. I didn't upload this. You can watch the entire film on Youtube but it's in Polish: FARAON

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Pal said...

It is an excellent film, and very rare indeed - especially the full 3-hour version. (The one on the YouTube - linked here - is a good half an hour shorter than the uncut original.)

I have the full 180-min. version on VHS (now converted to DVD) with English subtitles + a couple of DVD editions with translations (one of them is of an outstanding picture quality but savagely butchered otherwise).

It would be nice to have the uncut version in excellent quality and with English translation. A truly intelligent film - it should be released on Blu-ray (as far as I know, it was shot on 70mm film).