Monday, August 20, 2012

Movie Poster Mondays

Spanish poster for MACISTE VS THE MOLE MEN (aka Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules)

Poster depicts the best scene in the movie and one of the best scenes in any PEPLUM film. The Spanish title translates to MACISTE THE INVINCIBLE. This film has so many different titles.


Steven Lester said...

I once wrote to Forest about this scene and some of the things he said were: the scene took two days to film; he didn't know how the machine worked, but he did have to continually lift around 200 pounds to maintain the flexed appearance of his arms, so the sweat on his body was probably quite real; even though the steel swards over the two guys appeared to be real, they were actually rubber, so if Forest failed with the weight the swords would have bent harmlessly over their bodies; the part where the sword seems to cut into Paul's stomach was a simple blood contained in the weapon effect, although it still looked pretty gruesome.

PEPLUM cinema said...

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