Sunday, August 19, 2012

HERCULES' influence on PEPLUM movie posters

When HERCULES became a big hit, other studios took note and tried to use some scenes or poster/comic book art from that film. These are pretty obvious.

Jack Palance was never this buff. Never.

GOLIATH AND THE DRAGON was supposed to be an indirect sequel to the Steve Reeves Hercules films but this poster is too much like Steve and mot Mark.

The Italian poster for SAMSON & DELILAH, probably from a re-release, copied the comic cover for HERCULES. The belt is the same. Even the folds in the fabric are the same. Victor Mature never looked that buffed. 

This British poster for LAND OF THE PHARAOHS is funny. There's no such scene in the Howard Hawks film as the one depicted on the poster.

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S. R. Orsulak said...

This poster is really way off base. I like this movie for it's spectacle, and of course Joan. That guy in the poster sure doesn't resemble Dewey or Jack and the scene isn't related to this film.