Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo of the Day

Both Atahualpa (Christopher Plummer) and Francisco Pizarro (Robert Shaw) get to know each other in THE ROYAL HUNT OF THE SUN

I haven't seen this film even though I've heard a lot about it (mostly bad ie campy). Based on a popular play.

(I'm still pretty much sick but I'm able to stare at the computer screen without everything getting blurry. There's nothing worse than a cold in the's really hot outside and with a burning fever = feeling of death)


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Its a very disappointing film from a very well regarded play. I actually saw the play when I when was 20 and new in London, in the cheap seats at the Old Vic theatre and it was an astounding experience which the film cannot capture, but Plummer is amazing as the Inca King.

Steven Lester said...

I just finished with my cold, so you have my deepest sympathy. At times I didn't know if I'd ever get better, but I did, and longer than you might hope for, you will be cured yourself. I'm down to one cough drop at night when I retire. Just think supportive thoughts about your immune system. That will help.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Thanks, Steven. :-) My immune system seems to be shot these days.

Michael, that's cool. Thanks for sharing.