Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Babe of the Month - Sylva Koscina

Sylva was already PEPLUM Babe here at the blog many moons ago but I wanted to add new photos to her profile and well here she is again.

Sylva was often considered to be shy and demure but if you google her you'll find loads of nude photos of her. I wanted to post some here but decided that it might not be appropriate but here's an example: nsfw

Uploaded to BABES & BEAUTIES

Sylva, with Francisco Rabal, in THE MIGHTY CRUSDAERS

As Iole, Sylva will be eternally linked to Steve Reeves because of HERCULES (1958)




S. R. ORSULAK said...

She was always one of my favorites, beautiful and sexy.

Pal said...

I really admire Sylvia on more than one account. I am currently reading a novel (Thais of Athens), in which the Greek hetaera and muse, Thais and her servant are nude modelling for sculptors. As Thais states, they were given perfect bodies by the gods, so they have the obligation not to hide their beauty.

Sylvia had perfect body too - and in those films, she did look like a genuine Ancient Greek beauty. I read her words about having posed nude, and her words resonated very well with the above mentioned opinion of Thais of Athens.

Thais and Sylvia emphasized the value of beauty - which should not necessarily be associated with sexual appeal. Even though one being beautiful seems to be the base for being sexy as well, speaking in artistic terms, beauty is much more than sexual appeal.

Sylvia emphasized the purity in revealing beauty through her nude photos, and she had the point. On the other hand, the tasteless (and, more often than not, even filthy and disgusting) porn (that is rampant on the Internet) lacks beauty (and even eroticism) completely.