Thursday, July 19, 2012

Orlando Orfei - Lion tamer

Orlando Orfei, related to Moira Orfei and Liana Orfei, is a lion tamer for the Orlando Circus. He also worked on several films even though he's only credited for one film at IMDb: URSUS IN THE VALLEY OF LIONS. But from the first photo below, he obviously worked on other projects such as CLEOPATRA and LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. Orlando is still alive and has a Facebook page.

This photo's info: 

"Elizabeth Taylor holds a one-month-old lion cub, named "Gebry" given to her by circus lion tamer Orlando Orfei, right, at the set of the film "Cleopatra" in Rome (Nov. 22, 1961)"

Orlando as seen in URSUS IN THE VALLEY OF LIONS; he doubles for Ed Fury

Though not credited for LAST DAYS OF POMPEII at IMDb or anywhere else (including the film's opening credits), it's most likely Orlando in this publicity shot (and certainly not Steve Reeves).

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Anonymous said...

A Bad-Photo day for La Liz, she looks tired and bloated. A sneak preview of when she became Mrs./Senator John Warner.