Saturday, July 28, 2012

Photo of the Day

In order to save his country, Phillipides (Steve Reeves) is about to embark on the harshest run of his life in THE GIANT OF MARATHON

One of the few films centered around the Olympics and yet its never shown when the Olympics start. TCM should play this film but it never does.


S. R. Orsulak said...

TCM seems to be very choosey anymore about the movies they show. I sent them emails asking them as to why they don't show PEPLUM movies because there is a very large audience that would like to see them and I got no reply. While I'm here I want tell you that I pre-ordered THE SLAVE, THE TARTARS, GOLD FOR THE CEASARS from OLDIES.COM these DVDS and some others are part of the Warner Archive Collection. All movies are widescreen and cheaper through

PEPLUM cinema said...

TCM should create a second channel, like what we used to have here in Canada called Drive-in Classics which played lots of PEPs. I'm going to get those titles as wel from Oldies who take Canadian orders.