Thursday, July 26, 2012

PEPLUM X connection

I was watching the groovy opening credits to the infamous 1970s XXX (and then some) EMANUELLE IN AMERICA on Youtube (it's censored, here) and I'm always impressed by its PEPLUM pedigree. I took some screenshots of the credits just to show. When I watched this film for the first time several years ago (I watch everything Italian) I didn't even realize the connection. It's amazing that in a 15 year span Italian cinema went from films like MARS THE GOD OF WAR to over-the-top "grindhouse" films like this one.

Laura Gemser was too young to appear in films during the PEPLUM explosion of the late 1950s/60s but she starred in CALIGULA inspired knock-offs in the 1980s such as CALIGULA : THE UNTOLD STORY. Laura would be married to Gabriele Tinti...


Gabriele Tinti appeared in several films in the 1960s, including ULYSSES AGAINST HERCULES


Roger Browne was a veteran actor of PEPLUM films, including 7 SLAVES AGAINST THE WORLD

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