Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo of the Day

Commander Claudius (Stewart Granger) introduces Pontius Pilate (Basil Sydney) to Salome (Rita Hayworth) in SALOME

This photo is a publicity shot because when Salome meets Claudius and Pontius in the film they're standing on the ship's deck and it's shot in a studio, not outside like this photo suggests. Also, this entire moment happens in the evening or at dusk so everything was darken with filters, which doesn't show as much information as this fabulous photo. Another case of a single black & white photo being greater than the actual moment in the film. Why didn't they shoot it this way? It's so much more dramatic. Movies made in the past where made this way: whenever there's a scene with dialogue it had to be shot in a controlled environment like a studio while the bigger wide angle scenes (people mingling, etc) where shot outside.

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