Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upcoming project (and a little rant)

Last year there were  rumours that director *cough* Brett Ratner would direct a new adaptation of HERCULES. Fortunately, the rumours were incorrect as this article stated: link. By the gods, a nightmare was averted. But then new rumours have surfaced this year that Ratner wouldn't be making a film about Hercules myth but adapting a comic book/graphic novel called HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS. There's no info about this aside from the new rumours about the source material for the project being different.

I have to read the comic book to see how it would be as a film but even so the idea of a new Hercules directed a la 300 possibly by Mr Ratner is quite despressing. Maybe the flop that was CONAN THE BARBARIAN will make producers think twice. I have to wonder though, is there some sort of conspiracy to stop me from loving this genre?

Anyway, for that little rant. In all the articles I've read about a new big screen HERCULES film, there is no mention about Steve Reeves or any of the films from the PEPLUM explosion. They all mentioned that the last live action film was made in 1983 starring Lou Ferrigno and that Arnold also made a film back in the early 70s but nothing about Reeves or the 1958 film. Hmm...if it weren't for the original HERCULES starring Mr America/Mr Universe, none of these films or projects would exist.

Director Brett Ratner


Steven Lester said...

I might have watched the latest Conan. It seemed to have some interesting elements. There were two reasons I did not. The first was the fact that whoever was in charge of casting should have never been hired in the first place. Momo-whatever-the-rest-of-his-name-is was totally miscast as a Gaelic misanthropic bad boy. This particular kind of hero has to be so huge as to be able to awe skinny pre-adolescents who feel the necessity of somehow surviving the hate-filled halls of jr high and high school that their big brothers or the big brothers of their friends seem to fit in so well. The rules are all different than they are in elementary school. This giant never falls and is fought at the attacker's total peril. Momo could never have pulled it off, no matter how long he spent in the weight room.

The other reason was there was almost no preview in the previews. Always a big danger sign.

Pat Powers said...

I was very interested in Conan, being a fan of Rose McGuire, and thinking Jason Momoa did a fine job of playing a tough barbarian as Khal Drago in Game of Thrones, but that August opening was a problem, and I kept hearing these dribs and drabs that made me think I'd better wait ... so I have. Looking forward to seeing it on cable.