Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pricey Egyptian

A US company called Screen Archives Entertainment is selling THE EGYPTIAN on Blue-Ray for a steep price. I bought the German DVD for something like $9 euros. Of course it's not a Blu-Ray but I wouldn't pay that much for a PEP film, as great as this one is.  The standard DVD is less expensive but still, it's ridiculously expensive for one film. It seems 20th Century Fox granted a licence to Screen Archives Entertainment to sell it here in North America. Why not a wide release with a lower price so a new generation of people will discover this stunning film? At this price, the film will remain mostly forgotten from the general public as it is now.

Thanks to Epic Movies from Facebook for drawing attention to this.

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S.R.Orsulak said...

I would never pay that much for that movie, a great movie, but not worth that much on DVD. I have a little trivia for you. Did you know that a lot of the props and costumes used for this film were bought buy Paramount for use in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS? Keep up the good work with this sight there are a lot of us that enjoy PEPLUM MOVIES.