Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Photo of the Day

Jack Palance in OUTLAW OF GOR (1989)

Jack started his PEP filmography with SIGN OF THE PAGAN back in 1954 and 30+ years later, like his counterpart Edmund Purdom, never missed a beat in appearing in a couple ultra low budget Italian-made Sword & Sorcery films during the 1980s. It goes without saying that Jack never said no to a pay-check. His role in this is surprisingly passive compared to other scenery chewing roles he had in the past. He's often simply standing in the background and watching what's going on.

Many people hate the GOR films and though they're not great by any means, they satisfy my hunger for PEP entertainment. I made a Fan Fix of the first film GOR film which I be showing on my PEPLUM TV channel. While making it, I quickly realized how better the 1950s/60s films were in almost every aspect and how unjustifiably maligned they were and still are. I mean, just the sound from the sword fights in these movies from the 80s pale in comparison to those from the Golden Age of S&S cinema, which were amazingly intricate and beautifully coordinated.

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