Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The massive close-ups from the films of Michele Lupo

Director Michele Lupo came in late during the PEPLUM craze. His first film was made in 1962 when by 1960 most filmmakers had already accumulated a good number of projects under their belt. His films were like the last gasp of the dying craze, and they sorta briefly re-energized the genre but his films weren't enough to save it from its eventual death in 1964-65. His films had a specific style, often super energetic and chaotic. Some absolutely loved this approached and they worship his films while others hated it and his films were an example of what's not to like about the PEPLUM genre by then: it became too cartoonish.

One of the most distinctive aspects of his Sword & Sandal films was the constant use of ultra massive close-ups. You really had to be comfortable in your own skin as an actor to work in his films as those close-ups were not forgiving and could sometimes end up as being unflattering.

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