Saturday, October 29, 2011

IMMORTALS - studio stills

Official studio stills from IMMORTALS starring Kellan Lutz (below), Luke Evans (link) and Henry Cavill amongst many other actors. You can see more photos at this link. One of my first posts I made at this blog was about Kellan possibly being miscast and how he looked in a behind-the-scenes photo taken here in my hometown of Montreal where the movie was filmed but the photo below has changed my mind.

Cool shields


jim said...

The costumes (& the performers in them) look great.

But from the previews, the film is so "CGI" (computer generated special effects) that it looks more like a
video game than an actual movie.

Give me the plaster columns, rubber swords & paper mache rocks of a classic Peplum film any day!! lol

PEPLUM cinema said...

True. These photos don't show the CGI, which I'm also tired of. And filming in actual locations would be cool. But these stills are nice.

Steven Lester said...

Although I have seen some fight scenes that look really vicious, where the hero is tossed around and was almost outclassed. Personally, I prefer today's special affects as opposed to the Harryhousen kind.

PEPLUM cinema said...

The problem with Harryhausen kind of effects is that they were pretty stiff and static. The camera stayed on one or two shots and that's it. I agree that today's fx are more fluid and chaotic. I wished they didn't film these modern PEPLUMS in studios all the time though.

scottlukaswilliams said...

Tarsem's films always have amazing design elements and he casts the most beautiful people!

I'm really looking forward to this one.

Pat Powers said...

I think that CGI could make modern films look more peplum-ish, but directors seem to be basing their imagery on video games rather than the old peplum when they design the CGI, and the video game imagery is often quite literally dark. The peplum had a sense of light and space that added to the mythic qualities of the films. Wish directors could "get" that.