Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo of the Day

Maria Grazia Spina and Mark Forest in HERCULES AGAINST THE MONGOLS

Whenever I see one of these torture/restraining devices, I always wonder how often have they used it. I mean, did they build something like that just in case they needed to restrain...what?..'cause obviously that thing, in that size, was not meant for a mere mortal. A normal man wouldn't be able stand-up with that on his shoulders. Arf.

This is one of my favorite PEP films. It moves at good speed, it's mostly shot outdoors and there are cool action/feat of strength scenes. Everything just clicks. IMO, it's much better than HERCULES AGAINST THE BARBARIANS even though many prefer the latter.


Steven Lester said...

Yeah, but if it had been just a few inches larger even Hercules would not have been able to break out as he did. Remember that even he had to strain every little atom of power that he had to eventually break the wood. It took him, like, 4 tries before he was able to succeed.

PEPLUM cinema said...

Well, Herc has to work out at something sometimes ;-)